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The House of Banner - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
A/N: Here's the other half of what was once a whole chapter and I sincerely hope that it makes sense. My co-writer and I still don't own the Avengers, but we're working on it.
"We're getting an awful lot of strange looks, doesn't S.H.I.E.L.D. own any cars that are a bit more...subtle?"
" 'Fraid not, the Commander of transport is rather fond of large, bulletproof vehicles."
They began to ascend a hill shortly after leaving the heart of town, the sight that met Bruce at the top nearly took his breath away. Before him stood a four-storey house
surrounded by forest with a sheer cliff face at the back.
   "You've got to be kidding me..."
   "No, Doctor, we're not kidding you. Would you like a tour or shall we leave you to your own devices?"
   "I think a tour would be-"
"Agent Hadley! Director Fury is commanding us all back to the west coast base, something's happened. It's a code 5 incident."
"I'll be on my way in a minute. Doctor, it would appear th
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The House of Banner - Chapter 1
Chapter 1- Banner's new house
Note: Please read the Prologue!!! Italic means either someone's thoughts or another language.
Also, we still don't own the Avengers.
One month later.
"Um, Dr. Banner, there's someone here to see you, they said it was important." said Anya, the young nurse who had been working with Banner, she appeared to be quite shaken.
"I see, did they say their name?" he asked, looking up from his computer.
" they didn't, they were dressed very unusually too. Should I send them away?"
"No, I'll see them, if I'm right, they won't leave me alone if I don't. Where are they?"
"They're in the're going to leave, aren't you?"
"Maybe not, but probably.  Don't look so worried, you'll do fine on your own! You were before I got here, and you will when I leave."
"But I-"
"I'll be back in a while."
Bruce made his way down to the lobby, he had figured that S.H.E.I.L.D. would find him but he had hoped to avoid
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The House of Banner - Prologue
Authors notes: Hi there, I just finished writing this around midnight so if there are weird inconsistencies, I'm sorry. I'm just a bit tired. We will be reaching a point of "Holy F*ck, author, what did you just do?" relatively soon into the writing of this er...'masterpiece' so yeah, there's your official warning. There will be eventual TonyxBruce so...yay? I dunno, it's gonna be as awkwardly blooming as I can possibly make it so...yeah... Just a word of warning, it is now headcanon that S.H.I.E.L.D. has really crappy coffee machines.
Unfortunately, neither I nor my lovely co-writer own this ridiculously awesome franchise/comic/movie/anything related to it though I guess agents Edwards and Holmes do kind of belong to us.
Enjoy! (Or don't, it's a free world.)
   Hawkeye looked around the table, it was nearing 11 o'clock and while this wouldn't normally be a problem, every single person had been at the New York base since four in the morning. It appeared that who ever had planne
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Tsukino Con is 5 days away. Holy shart. I can't even... OHMAHGAWD I'M SO EXCITED THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME OHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!! Man, like...I'm so happy, it's like riding on the back of a...a...uh...flying pancake of bliss. Or something. But seriously, I'm so excited, I'm not even worried that my cosplay isn't even finished yet (haha, I am, actually...) AND I AM JUST SO HAPPY!! WHEEEEEE!!!!! PROCRASTINATION!!!!

So, er, yeah. On Friday I'll be cosplaying Hatsune Miku, Saturday I'll be Kyouko Sakura and Sunday I'll be AMERICAAAA (f*ck yeah). Can you guess which one isn't done? If you guessed Kyouko, YOU'RE CORRECT! And it kinda sucks 'cause she's got the most details ;_; Welp, this is gonna be a relatively short entry 'cause I've gotta keep working (and avoid getting distracted by the internet).

Auf Wiedersehen


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I'm a weird person, who just so happens to love anime and tries to cosplay sometimes


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